Don’t Take a Chance with a Poor Head Shot Photo

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Photography for Business

Professional Head Shot Photo: A needed Business Marketing Tool.

Don’t take a chance by branding yourself with a poor image for Web-sites, Print Material and Social Media.

Professional Head Shot Photos play a large marketing roll in todays business world. Your Head Shot Photo says a lot about you. It separates you and identifies you from the others competing for business. Like big business concentrating on creating brand awareness for a product or service, your Head Shot Photo brands you. How else can an independent sales contractor like a Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Broker, Financial Planner or any professional who independently represents selling competitive services be branded? The Head Shot Photo is your branding identification. Selfies don’t work. Most are not professional enough looking, neither are home snapshots, so don’t take a risk branding yourself with a poor image. Think of a professional head shot photo as an investment in self branding.

bizpix by In A Flash Studio brings a professional photo studio to your location to save you time and money on quality head shot photos to be used for web sites, business cards, social media and more. Single  sessions start at only $99 which includes a selection of poses and your choice of one pose for a touched up finished photo. We even hold Head Shot Photo Days at different organizations at greatly reduced rate of $59/ session. We can even custom price sessions to accommodate any business or organizations needs and budget.

bizpix byIn A Flash Studio has spent the past year bringing our photo studio on location to various organizations, offering their members and agents even more reduced pricing on professional Head Shot Photos. Here is a link to more information on scheduling a Head Shot Day for your business.

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