A Recipe for Taking Great Family Photos

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Happy Thanksgiving

A Recipe for Taking that Great Family Photo

When you think of the Thanksgiving holiday you think food, family and yes, photos. Taking that Great Family Photo can be easy, creative and fun. The following are tips to get that great Family photo that can be cherished for generations.

First thing to remember for getting that great shot is to have fun and take plenty of pictures.  This way you can choose from a good selection of images. Pick a good time, not near naps but when everyone is happy and kids are agreeable. Do not force the kids to pose for the photos. Make it a game and make it fun. Try getting the kids to say silly things to the camera. It works with adults tooCompose your photo. Select a good area with few distractions in the background. Do not line up against a wall. Leave space behind the group the subjects. The photographer should be positioned a little higher than the subjects. This will allow the shadow caused by the flash to fall behind the people being photographed. Thus, reducing a distraction caused by the shadow from the flash.

Before taking a picture, run your eye around the edge of your frame looking for anything that can cause a distraction to your image. Make sure there is nothing that looks like it is sticking out of anybody’s head. Make sure you are holding your camera even unless you’re trying something really artistic. Say funny things, do funny things or wear something funny to get the kids looking at you and the camera. Today’s compact digital camera and camera phones take great photos. You might have the newest and best quality smart phone but it is still not smart enough to create a great composition. You have to do that.

Got that perfect Family Shot?

In A Flash Studio can custom design your greeting cards with your great family photo. We can even combine photos and/or arrange them to tell your family story for the holidays. Our prices are affordable and we work quickly. Your cards can be printed as true photo cards or press cards.

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