Designing Effective Advertisements for Flyers • Print Ads • Web Pages • Postcards and more

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The Advertisement Should Attract Attention
…You Sell the Product or Service.

Message should be easy to understand at a glance.

Offer or Objective of ad should “POP OUT”.

Contact Info should be easy to find.

• Request for more Information is a Call to Action.

Image & Space Use should be Effective.

• Information should be displayed in order of Hierarchy.

Use proper Media to reach your Target Audience.

Success is measured by Response not sales.


Effective Designs
This guide was used for a talk I gave for the local Chamber of Commerce. Look at pages 4 through 7. Page 4 shows a common sample of flyers people want me to print, designed by the client. The clients objective was to make flyers to post on local college campuses. The client wanted to attract a college student to make a video showing off a product to be used on a web site. Client had the correct idea about highlighting key words but the flyer seemed too busy for its intended use. When there are a lot of words as such, most people will read the first line and if nothing captures their interest that will be all they read. Read the first line of that flyer. I don’t think that is what they really want to say. Suggest you write out everything you want to say and high light the major points. Give the points a range of hierarchy. In other words what is the most important word to capture attention. What is the next most important and so on. Understand you objective and audience making sure your offer is clear, and clearly who is making the offer. Make sure there is a call for action and contact information is easy to find and read. Images always bring attention and effective use of white space can make it easier to get you message seen. Don’t clutter it. Don’t use too many different fonts, it could make your ad or flyer distracting. “Pretty” fonts could be hard to read. I like to use no more than 3 fonts and actually try to keep it on one font but change the not only the size but the weights and styles of that font (bold and italic). Page 7 of the guide is the flyer I re-designed for the client using all the design elements I just spoke about.